COVID-19 Updates- Last updated April 2, 2021

In person Masses have been cancelled indefinitely. Mass will still be streamed online at 10 am on Sundays and drive thru communion will be available in the church parking lot until 11:30 am following mass.

My dearest friends in Christ!


"I have seen the Lord!"


My heart is full of gratitude and joy as we celebrate Easter. Easter reminds us that we are Easter people, that we are people of the resurrection. Our God is alive, not dead, as most people think and believe. Jesus’ resurrection brings hope that there is another kind of life beyond death.  As the Exsultet (Easter Vigil song proclamation before the Paschal Candle) reminds us – This is the night when Christ broke the prison bars of death and rose victorious from the underworld. Our birth would have been no gain, had we not been redeemed.  


In the spirit of thanksgiving, join me in thanking all these parishioners who’s been helping our parish in organizing all the events during this time of pandemic. Their commitment and dedication have made all our parish events possible and a reality:

To our fun and creative sound/media/techy men --- Jim Witiw & Euan Robertson. Special thanks to Connor Robertson for arranging and preparing slideshows, and producing those video clips at the beginning of online Mass.  

To Mary & Robert Ducharme for keeping our Parish Website up to date.

To our enthusiastic ushers in the parking lot ---- Doug Carroll, Fred Peters, Ron Regan, Arnie Kouwenhoven, John Currie, Garry Hardy, Greg Feher, Jerry Dombowsky, Mark Walliser & Rob Graham.

To our committed readers and responders at Mass --- Sylvia Jurys, Marcia Lawrence, Debbie Carroll, Theresa Alyward, Connor Robertson, Dianne Beamish, Shirley Regan, Doug Carroll & Arnie Kouwenhoven.

Special mention to my reliable ’go to and do this’ handymen --- George Krueger, Ron Regan, Doug Carroll and Fred Peters.


Thanks also to…

--- Mary Jane Ganje, our parish secretary, for making sure we have all the updates and info you need to know in our Sunday bulletin.

--- Merle Cormier & Brenda Currie, our dedicated collection money counters.

---- Catherine Stroman for making the new covers for all the statues and religious frames in the Church.

--- Sylvia Jurys for keeping the church, the hall and the washrooms clean.

--- Christine Pineault, all the Catechism teachers and helpers.


Your dedication, love and commitment to our parish family have made things easier, faith-filled and enjoyable. Our warmth love and heartfelt thanks to each of you!


So HAPPY EASTER to you! Thank you all for your fervent prayers and undying support to our parish! Know that you are loved! It’s a pleasure journeying with you as your pastor! It’s been a great blessing to be part of our vibrant and welcoming parish family!


Love & Prayers,

   Fr. Rex


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