My dear friends in Christ!




Congratulations to our OLOL graduating students! May our loving God bless you and watch over you. May He guide you with His knowledge and wisdom as you enter another chapter of life’s journey!


Jesus’ invitation for us this weekend is “Follow Me”.

Where? When? How? He wants us to follow His ways and life. He wants us to follow Him in season and out of season, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Jesus wants us to follow him even when it is inconvenient and the going gets tough. A farmer who looks back while he is plowing will certainly make crooked lines and perhaps not plow some parts of the field at all. Jesus invites us to follow Him and to do so by going His way, not our crooked one.


Discipleship is not an easy path to tread. It demands much from us. Let us examine our conscience to see what kind of Christians we proclaim to be. Are we Christians in word and deed, in name and in action?


Enjoy your summer. May God be our chosen portion indeed! God bless!


Love & Prayers!

     Fr. Rex